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The department of Cooperative Information Systems (CIS) focuses on research in the areas of semantic information systems engineering, model-driven engineering, and web engineering. It is a department of the Institute of Telecooperation and closely cooperates with the Business Informatics Group of TU Vienna.


New Paper accepted


Andrea Salfinger and Lauro Snidaro: Towards Neural Situation Evolution Modeling: Learning a Distributed Representation for Predicting Complex Event Sequences. 23rd International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION). July, 2020.

New Paper Accepted


Andrea Salfinger: Reinforcement Learning Meets Cognitive Situation Management: A Review of Recent Learning Approaches from the Cognitive Situation Management Perspective. 2020 IEEE Conf. on Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Situation Management (CogSIMA).

New paper accepted


David Graf: Cutting a Path Through the IoT Ontology Jungle - a Meta Survey. Proc. of the 2019 Int. Conf. on Internet of Things and Intelligence Systems

New paper accepted


David Graf: Towards Operational Technology Monitoring in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Proc. of the 11th Int. Conf. on Management of Digital EcoSystems, 2019

New Paper accepted


Salfinger, Andrea. Framing Situation Prediction as a Sequence Prediction Problem: A Situation Evolution Model Based on Continuous-Time Markov Chains. 22nd International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION). July, 2019.

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