Welcome to the Department of Cooperative Information Systems

Mission Statement


The department of Cooperation Information Systems (CIS) focuses on research in the areas of semantic information systems engineering, model-driven engineering, and web engineering. It is a department of the Institute of Telecooperation and closely cooperates with the Business Informatics Group of TU Vienna.



New Article accepted [Feb.,1st,2014]
"Refactoring, Refinement, and Reasoning - A Logical Characterization for Hybrid Systems", 19th International Symposium on Formal Methods, FM, Singapore, May 12-16, 2014

New Article accepted [Jan.,25th,2014]
"A Tour of BeAware - A Situation Awareness Framework for Control Centers", Journal of Information Fusion 2014

New Article accepted [Dec.,23rd,2013]
"Staying Aware in an Evolving World - Specifying and Tracking Evolving Situations", 2014 IEEE International Inter-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support (CogSIMA), San Antonio, March 2014

Project Proposal resubmitted[Dec.,20th,2013]
"TETRABOX - A Generic White-Box Testing Framework for Model Transformations", FWF Einzelprojekt, Partner: TU Wien

Marietta Blau Stipendium for Martin Wischenbart granted[Dec.,16th,2013]

Research Stay in Ukraine, University of Odessa [Nov.,18th-Nov.,22nd,2013]CIS on TV, CIS on TV2

Research Visit of Gustavo Rossi and Silvia Gordillo, University of La Plata, Argentinia [Sep.,30th-Oct.,6th,2013]

New Article accepted [Sep.,23rd,2013]
"Maintaining Situation Awareness Over Time — A Survey on the Evolution Support of Situation Awareness Systems", Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Taipei, Dec. 2013

CIS@SIM [Sept.,18th,2013]

Project CrowdSA started [Sep.,1st,2013]

Project TheHiddenU finished [Aug.,31st,2013]

New Article accepted [Aug.,30th,2013]
"TETRABOX - A Generic White-Box Testing Framework for Model Transformations", Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC), Bangkok, Dec. 2013

New Article accepted [Aug.,23rd,2013]
"Reality Check for Model Transformation Reuse: The ATL Transformation Zoo Case Study", Analysis of Model Transformation Workshop @ MoDELS, Miami, Oct. 2013

New Article accepted [Aug.,23rd,2013]
"A Survey on Incremental Model Transformation Approaches", Models and Evolution Workshop @ MoDELS, Miami, Oct. 2013

New Project Proposal submitted[Aug.,2nd,2013]
"MISSILE - A MultISensor information fusion for military SItuationaL analysis in complex scEnarios", EU Projekt, Innovative Concepts & Emerging Technologies 2, Partner: MBDA, CNIT, Flyby, University of Alcalà

Research Visit of Dmitry Zaitsev and Tatjana Shmeleva, University of Odessa, Ukraine [Jul.,2nd-Jul.,6th,2013]

TOP Stipendium for Andreas Müller granted[Jun.,7th,2013]
"Domain Specific Language Engineering for Modeling and Verification of Situation-Aware Traffic Control Systems", Carnegie Mellon University, Duration: 12.08.2012 - 15.11.2013

Marshall Plan Scholarship for Andreas Müller granted[Jun.,7th,2013]
"Domain Specific Language Engineering for Modeling and Verification of Situation-Aware Traffic Control Systems", Carnegie Mellon University, Duration: 12.08.2012 - 15.11.2013

New Project Proposal submitted[Jun.,5th,2013]
"TETRABOX - A Generic White-Box Testing Framework for Model Transformations", FWF Einzelprojekt, Partner: TU Wien

WTZ with Buenos Aires/Argentinien started[Jun.,1st,2013]

Tool Demo at HSCC 2013 [Apr.,8rd,2013]
"Sphinx Tool", Philadelphia, USA

3 FFG Praktika for SchülerInnen granted[Apr.1st,2013]
"Games with a Purpose", FFG Praktika, Projektnr.: 3845858, 1.7.2013-31.7.2013

New Project Proposal submitted[Mar.,15th,2013]
"CRAC - CoopeRative ACtivities", FFG Coin Programmlinie: "Kooperation und Netzwerke", Partner: FH Hagenberg

New Project Proposal submitted[Feb.,2nd,2013]
"CODI4 - Customized Open Data Link for You", EU Projekt

New Project Proposal submitted[Jan.,28th,2013]
"Easy as Pie - Efficient Combination of System Configuration Tools for Production and Industry (ECSPI)", FFG IKT der Zukunft, Partner: TU Wien, Siemens AG Österreich

Research Visit of Mikael Berndtsson, University of Skoevde, Sweden [Jan.,21st-Feb.,2nd,2013]

New Article accepted [Jan.,17th,2013]
"A Survey on Clustering Techniques for Situation Awareness", Asia-Pacific Web Conference (APWeb), Sydney, Apr. 2013

WTZ with Odessa/Ukraine started[Jan.,1st,2013]

New Cooperation accepted (WTZ with Buenos Aires/Argentinien)[Dec.,28th,2012]
"Agile Spezifikation und Validierung web-basierter, situativer Workflows", Laufzeit: 1. Juni 2013 - 31. Mai 2015, Projektnr.: AR18/2013

New Article accepted [Dec.,5th,2012]
"Reuse in model-to-model transformation languages: are we there yet?", Software and Systems Modeling

New Partner

Use of VP-UML is made available to Johannes Kepler University Linz by the Academic Partner Program from Visual Paradigm for educational purpose.

CSI@ORF [Dez.,3rd,2012]

Article about CIS in OIAV Info (Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein) [Nov.,12th,2012]
"Ingenieurwissen über Softwaremodelle und Semantische Technologien gebündelt an der neu gegründeten Abteilung für Cooperative Information Systems (CIS) der JKU"


Our project CSI received some media attention [Nov.,8th,2012]

CIS@ITS World Congress 2012 [Oct.,24th,2012]

New Cooperation accepted (WTZ with Odessa/Ukraine)[Oct.,22nd,2012]
"Analyse der Effizienz von Computational Grids auf Basis färbiger Petrinetze", Laufzeit: 1. Jänner 2013 - 31. Dezember 2014, Projektnr.: UA07/2013

New Article accepted (together with TU Vienna)[Oct.,12th,2012]
"Automatic Data Transformation — Breaching the Walled Gardens of Social Network Platforms", Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling (APCCM), Adelaide, Jan. 2013

Johannes Schönböck Achieves Erwin Wenzl Preis [Oct.,11th,2012]

CIS@SIM [Sept.,19th,2012]

New Article accepted (together with TU Vienna)[Sept.,3rd,2012]
"Debugging Model-to-Model Transformations", Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Hongkong, Dec. 2012

CIS Moved to Science Park 3 [Aug.,23rd,2012]

Sub Auspiciis of Johannes Schönböck [Jun.,8th,2012]

Sub Auspiciis of Stefan Mitsch [Apr.,18th,2012]

New Article accepted (together with TU Vienna) [Mar.,3rd,2012] "User Profile Integration Made Easy - Model-Driven Extraction and Transformation of Social Network Schemas", Int. Workshop on Interoperability of User Profiles in Multi-Application Web Environments (MultiA-Pro)@WWW Conference, April 2012.

New Article accepted (together with TU Vienna & University of Madrid) [Feb.,10th,2012] "Automated Verification of Model Transformations based on Visual Contracts", Journal of Automated Software Engineering (ASE), Springer, 2012.

New Article with CMU accepted [Nov.,1st,2011]
"Towards Formal Verification of Freeway Traffic Control", ACM/IEEE Third International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems, Bejing, China, April 2012.

New Article online [Oct.,1st,2011]
"A survey on UML-based aspect-oriented design modeling", ACM Computing Surveys, Volume 53, Issue 4, Oct., 2011,

New Project "Darwin" granted[Jul.,6th,2011]
(FFG - 14th Bridge Call)


"Mitdenkende Software hilft Staus zu vermeiden" [Jul.,5th,2011]
The FIT-IT Semantic Systems project "BeAware" goes public:


New Article accepted [Jun.,20th,2011]
"Towards Modeling Dynamic Behavior with Integrated Qualitative Spatial Relations", 5th Int. Workshop on Semantic and Conceptual Issues in GIS (SeCoGIS)@ER, Brussels, Oct. 2011

New Project "WorkAware" granted [Jun.,15th,2011]
(WTZ - Center for International Cooperation & Mobility, ÖAD)

New Topics for Bachelor/Master Thesis [May,16th,2011]

New Article accepted [Mar.,13th,2011]
"A Comparison of Rule Inheritance in Model-to-Model Transformation Languages", ICMT Conference@TOOLS, Zürich, June 2011

New Article accepted [Jan.,20th,2011]
"SemGen - Towards a Semantic Data Generator for Benchmarking Duplicate Detectors", DQIS Workshop@DASFAA, Hongkong, April 2011

New Project "ProFlow" granted [Feb.,4th,2011]
(FFG Basisprogramm)


New Project "CSI" granted [Dec.,18th,2010]
(FFG FIT-IT Semantic Systems)


Best Paper Award [Oct.,10th,2010]
"Towards an Expressivity Benchmark for Mappings based on a Systematic Classification of Heterogeneities", MDI Workshop@MoDELS, Oslo, Norwegen, Oct. 2010